Learn Strategies to help you to feel more confident to speak up in meetings!

Speaking up at work is often difficult for women in the workplace. Although, they are competent and capable of often doing thier jobs well. When it comes to speaking up in meetings, they often hold themselves back often for fear of feeling as if they are their voices and ideas have no value.

Our fear of speaking up in meetings may not go away, but you can learn to manage your fear in order to show your value and expertie in your career.

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Do you find yourself holding back in meetings? Do you want to speak up, but feel that what you say has no value and people might be viewed as not good enough?

You are not alone, many high achieving and exceptionally capable women often feel as if their words have no value. This is no more prevalent than in team meetings. The idea of speaking up at team meetings is terrifying to many women. There's the fear of having the wrong infomration, having no one that supports your ideas, not actually knowing what to say.

The Ultimate Guide to Speaking Up in Office meetings provides you with practical advice and strategies that you can implement immedialty for your next meeting.

Getting over your fear of speaking may not occur overnight, but you can learn to better manage your fear of speaking up at meetings, so that you can speak up immediately.

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